Why the sudden explosion of cabs in India?

Whether you are in Mumbai, Bangalore, Dehli NCR, Chennai or any other busiest cities in India, you might notice that radio taxis have become quite common. With a number of radio taxis and app cabs services flocking around, it has emerged as the fastest growing business in the past couple of years. These taxis are better than the conventional counterparts, both in terms of comfort and convenience that they offer.


Right from families who occasionally travel within the city, to employees of multinational IT companies who commute daily, now prefer radio taxis over other modes of transport. The process of booking a taxi has been simplified too, you can either call on the dedicated customer care number of the service provider or use a smartphone app to book a ride on the go.


Hiring a cab, better than owning a car

While some people prefer having their own car, others consider renting as an economical option. Firstly, buying a car would mean a good amount of investment. If opting for finance option, other than monthly EMIs, fuel costs, maintenance, and insurance are additional expenses. One has to look for a parking spot too. Moreover, daily driving from home to work and back can be a bit stressful.


On the other hand, one can simply hire a cab, sit back, relax and travel stress-free. If we consider the overall cost, hiring a cab might be a cheaper solution as one doesn’t have to take bear the burden of monthly EMI’s, insurance, maintenance and fuel. What’s more, the time during the journey can be utilised to listen to music or read some newspaper, book or a magazine.


Radio taxis – safer and convenient

Unlike the auto-rickshaws that are often overloaded than their carrying capacity in peak hours, radio taxis ensure a comfortable journey by only accommodating the number of passengers it can carry. When you hire a cab for your commute, you do get the flexibility to travel alone at your peace of mind.


All radio taxis are fitted with GPS based tracking units and are monitored in real-time with a back-end team. Having a track of vehicle movements, speed, time and route taken to reach from the source to destination, ensures the safety of passengers. Whether you have an early morning flight to catch or want to go home after a late night party, with radio taxis you can ensure a safer journey.


App booking and easy payments

While radio taxi service providers thrive hard to offer the best services to its clients, app booking, and easy payment solutions have greatly helped them in making the services reliable and efficient. Almost all radio taxi services now have smartphone apps that allow you to book a taxi in a few clicks.


With the introduction of the virtual wallet, you can now load it with some cash using your credit or debit card. Whenever you book a taxi, you will get an option to pay using the virtual wallet, thus making for a hassle-free transaction.


Talking to The Hindu BusinessLine, Siddhartha Pahwa, the CEO of Meru and Genie Cabs said;

We don’t own the whole fleet now. We changed the model around 2011-end. Now, almost 60-70 per cent of the fleet is owned by the drivers and they have attached the vehicle to us. Meru now has two types of attached cars – one fully belongs to the driver (used in Meru plus and the Genie model, which offers hatchbacks). In this model, the driver gives us a share of the total business we give him,” In the second model, Meru buys cars for drivers who can’t afford it. Drivers pay a subscription of ₹700 a day and ₹500 a day for the EMI. Here, they become owners after four years. The benefit of this model is that there is full commitment by the drivers, which also brings down the company’s costs.


So, the next time you are looking for a cab, try out the smartphone apps or call on the radio taxi helpline numbers. In case you are unaware of the service providers, you can look for Meru Cabs, Ola Cabs, TaxiForSure, Easy Cabs, TABCab or Uber. Some of them also offer discounts on the total transaction value when you register for their services for the very first time. Go ahead, book your taxi ride using smartphone apps and avail of exciting benefits.

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