The difference between App-Cabs and Radio-Cabs

We’re no strangers to the taxis or cabs, as they are referred to. Besides the buses run by the state transport, private cabs and auto rickshaws are amongst the vital transport mediums to commute within the city. When it comes to calling a cab, we generally wave our hands to look for one. But all thanks to the technology and advancements, calling a cab has now become a lot easier.


If you’ve come across the terms app-cabs and radio-cabs for the first time, you might be wondering what its all about. Well, in a nutshell, it’s a new and efficient way of booking a cab. Now, how does that work? Let’s walk-through them in detail and understand the differences.


Radio-Cabs – Just a phone call away

The radio-cabs concept is something completely new in India and has been adopted by some private players such as Uber and Meru Cabs. To book a cab, all you need to do is, call the centralized call centre of the service provider and give them the details, such as your name, current location and the destination where you want to go. The radio-cabs are air conditioned, cheaper and comfortable means of travelling. As they are driven by professional and responsive drivers, you can be rest assured of having a safe journey.


These cabs are linked by radio with the central control room. Each of these cabs have GPS vehicle tracking system, thus allowing the control room to track the whereabouts of the vehicle, transport route and speed in real-time. The best part of radio-cabs is that their services are available 24×7.


On receiving a call, the executive at the reservation centre will track its fleet using GPS to look for the one near to the client’s location. The executive will inform the client about the approximate time the radio-cab will take to reach him. At the same time, client details will also be passed on to the cab driver. The travelling cost is usually calculated on kilometre basis, right from the pick-up to drop-off location.


Talking to The EconomicTimes about the business prospects of taxi business in NCR, Pankaj Kumar Singh, manager of Hello Cab said;

Although there are a lot of taxi service providers, there is an unsatiated demand for cabs in the market. In this booming market, Gurgaon tops the chart of the destinations where Delhi people want to go the most, be it for work or any other purpose.


He further added, “Since NCR has a corporate culture, a lot of working people want to go to nearby tourist destinations on weekends. That also generates a lot of business for us. We use SUVs and big cars for outstation trips and Ecco, Wagon R and Indica for normal trips in Delhi and NCR.”


App-Cabs – A smarter way to book cabs on the go!

The concept of app-cabs is identical to radio-cabs, however, there’s no need to make a phone call in this case. Today, a good number of people use smartphones. Almost an indispensable tool in our daily lives, the popularity of smartphones is mainly due to the apps that they can run. Right from emails, social media, and internet surfing to games and online shopping, there are apps for everything.


The cab service providers have their apps designed for all major smartphone platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Meru Cabs, TABcab, Ola Cabs and Uber are some of the popular service providers. You need to download the respective apps from the app store and register with your credentials, such as full name, email address, and contact number.


To book a cab, just start the app, choose your current location and the destination, and you’re done. It’s that simple. Some service providers such as Meru Cabs also allows you to make payment within the app itself, using your credit or debit card, thus making things ever easier.


Why it’s better to pre-booked your cab?

All thanks to app-cabs and radio-cabs, you can now pre-book a cab at your comfort. Whether you are at your home or at the office, you can quickly book a cab for a hassle-free commute. Pre-booking a cab also saves a lot of time, energy and trouble. You can book a cab and get a pick-up within 10 minutes. You can choose between an AC, non-AC, Sedan and SUV, depending on your preferences.


Pre-booking a cab is not just for the present day, but you can even book 10-15 days in advance. Just select the date, pick-up & drop location, and the preferred time slot. One of the best advantages of pre-booking a app-cab or a radio-cab is that you know exactly what you will be paying for the ride. And with cashless transactions now offered by some service providers, you don’t need to carry the cash along with you all the time.


Now that there are many service providers out there, you can even compare the cost and go with the one with lowest fares. That’s not all; some service providers also offer sign-up discounts for your very first ride. Go ahead, make the most of the radio-cabs and app-cabs services today!

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